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You’re checking all the boxes - walking every day, watching what you eat, getting your rest, but weight is still a problem

Digestive enzymes and probiotics play a way bigger role than you think in weight control. It might be time for a gut check.

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Probiotics … the real MVP. You’ve heard about them for your own diet, but they’re just as important for your dog.

With an out of balance digestive track , ‘bad’ bacteria overwhelm the good. From there you get digestive and intestinal upset, reduced food digestion, less nutrient absorption, worse vitamin production and possibly serious malnurition.

Yeah, it’s not pretty. So we use specifics-specific probiotics because the bacteria in the gut evolve species-specific traits.

Digestive Enzymes

Put your diet to work. Enzymes work in your dog’s stomach to help breakdown the food she eats, promoting essential nutrient absorption.

Without the right digestive enzymes, she may experience stomach discomfort, bad breath, vomiting, or gas. A mess for you and an even bigger mess for her.

Coconut Oil

What can’t this all-around real food athlete do? Coconut oil has the saturated medium-chain fatty acids aka “miracle” fatty acids that help with digestion by increasing nutrient absorption, balancing the thyroid and maintaining a healthy weight.

It’s also an immediate boost of energy, enabling athletic performance, and is suggested to decrease the size of fat deposits.

Personally Portioned Calorie Count

Alright, so no major newsflash here but … portion sizing goes a long way. The problem is that many parents don’t know how much food their dog actually needs. How does it change as she grows? If she’s begging, isn’t she hungry? Noofood dogs get personalized portion recommendations and every pint is designed specifically for her needs for the day.

Raw Naturally Helps

And at the end of the day, we feed raw because it tends to reset your dog’s metabolism and by the unprocesed nature, it improves efficient nutrient absorption. Food is fuel, so we start with the good stuff.