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Our Story

Welcome to Noofood - Wellness, for dogs. We’re so happy you’re here.

We founded Noofood because the vast majority of dog foods are nutritionally inadequate for our pets. Our dogs are our closest friends, there for us whenever we need them. They deserve better than burnt brown pebbles. Enter Noofood.


Have you ever wondered what ingredients are in kibble? We scrutinize every ingredient going into our bodies - why aren’t we more careful about what we feed our dogs? Noofood is completely transparent and only includes ingredients you can actually pronounce. No nonsense, ever.


Each dog’s needs are different, so why does all dog food come in the same bag or box? Tell us what you’re worried about and we customize every bowl or bar to target your dog’s specific health concerns & goals with daily vitamins and a balanced diet.


Let’s talk about guilt. We were leaving the house every morning feeling guilty … about the slight weight-gain we noticed in our dogs or the anxiety they got when we weren’t home enough. Throughout the day, we constantly worried we weren’t a good enough dog-mom. We wanted the best for our pets and knew diet and health (mental & physical) were undoubtedly linked. Doing better by them starts with little changes like this.


Raising a dog in a city is hard, but we’re not alone. We want to build a pack of engaged, caring dog parents who are invested in their dog’s wellness, dog foodie-ness, or just dog happiness. This is a place for us to connect, learn, and live better.

We promise to be transparent and honest about what goes into our product, the research behind it, and how we’re thinking about the future. We ask, in return, that you help build our community. Give us feedback: tell us what you want to see in your dog’s bowl and tell us how we can do better.


Katie & the Noofood Pack