Should I get a dog? An actual and very serious plea for guidance

This is the million dollar question ^^^. I’ve written in the past about how I’m the founder of a dog wellness company who doesn’t own a dog herself and has actually never owned a dog. It’s something that Katie reminds me of nearly every day. I get it, I get it. How will I understand the experience of raising a dog in a city if I’m not doing it myself? How will I relate when my experience is independent and entirely different?

So yesterday afternoon, in a fit of pure mania, Katie and I actively debated if it was time for each of us to get a dog - for her, it would be a companion to her dog George. For me, it would be my very first dog. My first dog. Ever. EVER.

Like any good millennial seeking validation from the outside world and needing the approval of others before making a big life decision, I crowdsourced opinions on whether I was ready to get a dog of my own. Let’s just say the results were not a resounding yes. 

From my sister:


From my best friend:


Then from my other best friend:


And the only semi-support from my brother, which was more of a “sure, do whatever you want”: 


I didn’t even bother asking my parents what they think about me getting a dog because they would never understand it. Although, at this point, it wouldn’t totally shock them if I just went for it. I think many parts of my life are wholly unrelatable to them, so what’s one more thing to add to the mix?

I kind of put the idea to rest overnight, but then today, Katie and I went to go look at some rescue dogs - for her, not for me. Which is when I found this guy. Everyone, please say hello because he’s rattled me and upended my entire day. What started off as a quick texting poll to friends and a small party joke has gotten excessively real. He’s small and perfect and has hazel eyes and shares my birthday. He’s my kindred Gemini spirit and I can’t stop thinking about him. 


So this is where I am today. Utterly confused and overwhelmed and fundamentally questioning whether I am ready to get a dog. I have most voices in my life telling me not to get a dog and that I’m not ready. I have my own internal voice also telling me to not get a dog and that I’m not ready, so there’s that. But what if they’re all just wrong? What if I’m just underestimating myself and my capacity to commit to loving and raising a dog for the next 15 years? What if I’m underestimating my abilities to make big changes to my life for something else and not just for myself? I’ve been in a general funk for the last few months and despite building this company, purpose and meaning feel rather nebulous. A dog doesn’t bring meaning overnight, but it’s a step.

I don’t know if getting a dog is the answer, but it’s starting to feel like it more and more.

I’m curious, before you got your dog, did you seek validation? Who did you crowdsource opinions from? How much support did you actually get? And ultimately, when did you gain conviction that you were ready to get a dog of your own?

Send help because I certainly need it. 

Christine BusabaComment